Test of dark beers in magazine 'Naised' ('Women') Print

In the magazine 'Naised' ('Women') a test of dark beers was published on the 4th of December. During the test, they tried 10 different dark beers that were sold in Estonian supermarkets and chose favourites out of these ten. Test included porters, classical dark beers and flavoured dark beers. Out of the ten beers that were tested, all together four were from Viru Õlu assortment: Jõululegend (Christmas Legend), Jõulusokk, Wiru Dark and Jäger Beer. The winner of the test was Puls Jõululegend (Christmas Legend), which is well known on the market for many winters.



1st plase: Jõululegend (Christmas Legend)
Points: 4,4
Alc.%vol.: 5,4
Opinion: Puls has launched a succesful special brew, where beer's bitterness, sourness and winter sweetness have skillfully mixed together. Thanks to its universal taste it suits well to light beer drinkers, because it is not as heavy as porter type beers.