Žiguli - former bestseller is back! Print
Friday, 07 May 2010 00:00

ŽiguliFormer bestseller is back!

Light quality beer made in retro spirits. Memories from decades back in new fresh light. Žiguli is perceived as a nostalgic product, but the beer itself is contemporarly with high quality and pleases even the most  demanding beer friend's senses. Original Estonian barley beer - made from Estonian barley and malt.


Comeback of Žiguli

Žiguli, which was the most popular beer brand in Estonia a few decades ago is now available in stores.

Former bestseller has got a recognizable retro look. A large amount of historical labels were closely looked at in order to find the ones that are most suitable to copy the retro look. The design of the bottle has changed though in time. 

taste of Žiguli is contemporarly with high quality. Historical beer recipies were looked at in order to reconcile them with today's production possibilities. To honour the historical brewing traditions, Žiguli contains Estonian barley which gives the beer a slightly sensible flavour nuance. Although the taste of the beer is similar to the historical one the quality is nowadays much higher.

Žiguli was first brewed in Viru brewery in 1975, when beer production in Haljala begun. Žiguli was then one of the most popular beer brands in Estonia and every self-respecting brewery produced Žiguli beer.

Many Estonian food and beverage industries have launched retro products during the last couple of years. Historically familiar products have been warmly welcomed by the consumers.