Avaleht Beer

Viru Õlu is a part of Harboe Group, which is the second biggest beer producer in the Nordic countries. Beer production in Haljala started in 1975. Since then, many things have changed, but the art of brewing good beer has remained and developed.

Today, Viru Õlu offers a wide range of different beers, each of them unique in their own way. For further information choose a product of interest from the left side menu.

New products

Puls Dark Cherry Beer Print


Alc. 4,6% vol.

A cherry dark lager, fruit beer of dark brown colour. Rich and soft malty taste of the beer has been combined with fruity cherry, softening typical hop bitterness and giving the beer a pleasant sweet almond like aftertaste.

Puls Dark Herb Print

Alc. 4,6% vol.

It is a special brew of dark lager beer to which extracts of various herbs have been added. The aroma and flavour of herbs in the beer is bitter in a well-balanced way, giving the dark, slightly sweeter beer a nice touch of freshness. The dark colour of the beer comes from the malt extract made of dark roasted malt, which is added to the beer during fermentation.


Warning! Alcohol could damage your health.

Everyone will find a suitable drink from our assortment. We offer light beers, flavoured beers as well as stronger thirst quenchers.