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Beer production started in Haljala.

During the first year, 640.000 litres of beer was produced. Beer production gained volume fast and in the next year more than five million litres of beer was made in Haljala. Ziguli, the first beer product, was shortly followed by new product names like Ziguli Special Brew, Riia (Riga), Moskva (Moscow) and Kuldne Oder (Golden Barley). In July 1990 the first brew of dark lager was made. In 1991, Toolse beer was launched which stayed in the beer assortment till 2010.

In 1992 the tradition of releasing a speciality beer for Christmas started. The first Christmas beer, a seasonal dark beer, was called Jõulumees (Santa Claus).


The brewery of Viru Collective Farm was formed into AS Viru Õlu, a local shareholder company.


Harboes Bryggeri A/S became the biggest shareholder of AS Viru Õlu.

Major reconstruction began to expand the production facilities. Investments were made into new technology, aimed to bring the beer to high quality standards.


Besides beer, production of soft drinks started – Orange Drink, Original Taste Cola and Aqua Water.

Keg filling was built to start filling beer tanks for local pubs and restaurants.


Under the licence of Harboes Bryggeri A/S, first bottles of Bear Beer were filled. Locally, Bear Beer was a strong lager beer which quickly became popular among Estonian consumers.


New PET bottle filling line was installed.

In addition to the existing soft drinks, Mõmmi (Teddy Bear) traditional lemonade was launched. In the same year Hustler energy drink was introduced. The new energy drink spread over the market surprisingly fast and became one of the most popular energy drinks in Estonia.


In February 2008 Harboes Bryggeri A/S, the owner of AS Viru Õlu, concluded a contract, based upon which it purchased Puls trademark and related assets. Gradually the preliminary assortment of Puls beers was accomplished by new beers and ciders, new packages appeared.


Wiru Kadakaõlu (beer with juniper taste) was nominated the title of Best Alcoholic Drink in Estonia in 2009.


For the third year in a row Puls Jäägriõlu was selected The Best Christmas Beer at Tallinn Foodfest.


New bottling line was installed to manufacture gourmet products – beers and organic soft drinks. Filling line for PET kegs started, offering a modern ontrade solution for faraway markets.


Canning line for canned beer and soft drinks was installed to fulfill the growing need for canned drinks in the market.

GB Wild Dark was nominated the best Christmas beer at Tallinn Foodfest.


Viru Õlu started brewing Tasuja beer.


Viru Õlu crafted beer department started brewing Õllekõrs beers.