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Puls Wine Mix Print

Alc. 4,6% vol.

New Puls Wine Mixes are elegant wine cocktails. Wine sophistication fruity freshnes Puls Wine Mixes refreshing  enjoyable drinks. There is two flavours in the range, mango and strawberry. In Yellow bottle there is juicy  mango taste and in the pink bottle, you can enjoy strawberry taste wine mix.
Serving with ice and fruits, you will get an ideal summer cocktail which suits perfect for welcome drink or just for enjoying with friends.

Puls Wine Mixes have easy to use screw caps.

Punakuke Ale Print
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Alc. 5,2% vol.

Punakuke Ale on Kuke aastaks pruulitud kuldne, kergelt punaka varjundiga ale-tüüpi ehtne pinnakääritatud õlu. Erinevate linnaste ja aroomihumalate kooslus annavad õllele pehme, kergelt karamellise maitse ning tagasihoidliku humalakibeduse.


Warning! Alcohol could damage your health.

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